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The association of the fantasy world with nature is something that goes way back, further than Peter Jackson's industrialising orcs, or Shakespeare's enchanted forests.

Watching Quebec spread out beneath a griffin's wings, or dandelion seed faeries swarm around the body of Arthur Spiderwick, one can't help but panic a little at the real terror we are inflicting on our only planet.

Not so long ago, rough weather and a family gathering caused me to visit an aquarium. I knew what seahorses looked like, in my mind's eye, but I was not ready to see them in their hundreds, propelling themselves with whirring fins, latching onto blades of seagrass with their tails; I had forgotten how madeup they look, and how preposterously unreal they are.

I didn't know that male seahorses give birth, or that they mate for life, or that they are gradually being wiped out.

It was a corner of the world about which I knew nothing, and its rediscovery in this aquarium served only to etch in more detail the geography of my ignorance.

I've been thinking of seahorses since watching The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Devenu l'un des enfants acteurs les plus reconnus, il enchaîne les collaborations prestigieuses et tourne sous la direction de Ridley Scott dans Une grande année en 2004; ou encore Luc Besson dans Arthur et les Minimoys.

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Son partenaire de jeu, Johnny Depp, le recommande alors auprès de Tim Burton qui lui offre le rôle-titre dans Charlie et la chocolaterie.Né d'un père comédien et d'une mère agent, Freddie Highmore baigne très tôt dans le milieu du show-business.